The difference between “Page Insights” and “Facebook AI”

Facebook Audience Insights tool in many cases is mixed up with the “Page Insights”. May be that is one of the reasons that it is not utilised in full throttle by marketers, even by many of the savvies. Let’s first differentiate briefly between the two to avoid any future mixup. The page insights tool, regardless of the content resembled, it shows data about the audience who come to your page. specific data and info about stuff that are related to your page. this is mostly for your future reference, like for example; the traffic comes mostly at 2 am because of different timezones, then may be you should consider creating and scheduling your post for publishing at this time so that it is more fresh and it does not get buried in the users’ newsfeed. Facebook AI [Audience Insights] is where you can mix and match audience from facebook users and save them into groups to reach them out later on with targeted ads. you can do this for analysis of engagement, expenditure locations, and interests. Yes, getting interests back, not just entering them.

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